Monday, May 2, 2011

Ruger GSR Flash hider options

So I bought the YHM Phantom and was really excited because I wanted a compensator that wouldn't kick up dust while firing prone. When it arrived I thought it had everything I wanted except the thing was a BEAST. Heavy and big. I ordered the Armalite A2 with the intention of sending the YHM back. Well, I decided to take some some pics so that you might be the judge. I like the A2; it is very clean and the smallest profile of the three, and has all the features I'm looking for.

Armalite A2, Ruger FH, YHM Phantom

Ruger Flash Hider

Yankee Hill Machine Phantom

Armalite A2

Like I said, I think the Armalite has the cleanest appearance and will lighten the overall weight; while hiding the flash and keeping dust down to minimum. The YHM will probably be the better performer; but I just don't like the size. The Ruger, I hear is a decent flash hider; but will really kick up the dust in prone, while the other two will not.

Edit:  Many of you have requested performance tests of the flash hiders; I have included the A2; YHM Phantom and a bonus, the Smith Enterprise FH; courtesy of YouTube. Sorry no Ruger FH test.

FYI  This is a pic of the Smith Enterprise Vortex

No FH; A2 FH; YHM Phantom; SE Vortex

No FH; A2 FH; YHM Phantom

No FH; A2 FH; SE Vortex


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  2. It would be great if you can post photos or video of the Yankee Hill performing at night. That looks like a great product!

  3. It's done; direct from youtube